Cannot access Horde/IMP but...

… Squirrelmail logins and remote email clients are working fine. No errors from Horde, just a hanging browser until I close it. I suspect it’s because the server hostname changed recently. Squrrelmail’s config has a hostname entry that was updated but apparently Horde uses Apache config but the only domain is the server’s. Trouble shooting ideas are appreciated.

Horde may be trying to use “localhost” as a hostname. Is “localhost” defined as in your /etc/hosts file? If not I’d try adding that and then restarting iworx-web.

service iworx restartweb


Yes, localhost is the first line, then server IP and its name. If I remove the localhost line I can generate a 502 proxy error (Error reading from remote server). Otherwise the browser waits indefinitely.

The command ‘service iworx restartweb’ is a new one to me. Is this for restarting web services only? I’ve been using ‘restart’.

As as last resort I figure forcing an update would do the trick but would rather know what went wrong.

Solved: The old hostname was still in this file:

Horde is working now. Thanks Paul!