Cannot Add Domain says "Domain Already Exists"

Hello all,

I’m having an odd problem which I hope you all can assist me with.

I added a domain to my account and due to some error it wasn’t added…then when I tried to add it a second time I receive an error message saying “Domain Already Exists”.

I have looked everywhere and cannot find a duplicate entry.

Is this a known bug?

How Can I fix this?


There is no known bug that I can think of that would cause that. Please open a ticket at and enable remote assistance and our support team will take a look.


Hopefully you will have opened a support ticket and when known, a brief update to let others know what issue was

This to me sounds a like a DNS entry has been made for domain and therefore cannot be added again. Easy to check via DNS Zones from nodeworx system services DNS.

Were you adding the domain as a pointer or has it previously been added as a pointer or secondary.

Many thanks