Cannot create new accounts

Ive got a new install of Interworx 7 on a vps (yes quotas are enabled :slight_smile: ) that will not allow creation of new Nodeworx accounts.
it’s failing when trying to touch the transfer log.
As section from log is shown below.

Has any one had this one before?
it’s probably a permissions thing but not sure where to look.

----------------- iworx.log -------------------------
[EMERG] : ERROR: /usr/local/interworx/include/siteworx/Domain.php(211): touch(): Unable to create file transfer-2020-10-29.log because Operation not permitted : domain.activate.php
[EMERG] : BACKTRACE LOGGING START: line 215 of include/ErrorHandler/Abstract.php : domain.activate.php
[EMERG] : ----- DEBUG STACKTRACE BEGIN ----- : domain.activate.php
[EMERG] : /usr/local/interworx/include/IWorxDebug.php getStackTrace (177) : domain.activate.php
[EMERG] : /usr/local/interworx/include/siteworx/Domain.php errorHandler (211) : domain.activate.php
[EMERG] : /usr/local/interworx/include/siteworx/Domain.php _makeSureLogExists (183) : domain.activate.php
[EMERG] : /usr/local/interworx/include/drivers/http/Apache.php makeSureActiveLogsExist (484) : domain.activate.php
[EMERG] : /usr/local/interworx/bin/domain.activate.php install (211) : domain.activate.php
[EMERG] : /usr/local/interworx/bin/domain.activate.php domain_activate_setup (108) : domain.activate.php
[EMERG] : /usr/local/interworx/bin/domain.activate.php domain_activate_main (78) : domain.activate.php
[EMERG] : /usr/local/interworx/bin/domain.activate.php domain_activate (60) : domain.activate.php
[EMERG] : ----- DEBUG STACKTRACE END ----- : domain.activate.php
[ERR] : activating domain: failed 255 : package.activate.php

Hi Ayearp, welcome!

Sorry that’s not something I have seen, I’m going to open a support ticket for this. Please reply to the ticket email with the server ip or hostname and enable remote assistance. So we can take a look.

I’ll keep track of the ticket and update the fix here if appropriate.

Hi Ayearp

Our support took a look at the ticket I created for you and think the issue might be due to being on openvz or virtuozzo. Due to how those two systems work there can be permissions issues, as you suspected.

Please try the following
~iworx/bin/ini.pex --set --section iworx --index no_chattr_append --value 1
There may be a need to manually clean up the failed account-add home dirs

Thanks Joseph.

This did the trick it’s allowing creation of sites now.

You were correct on needing manual clean up of the old home directories.

seems these won’t being delete without changing the append attribute first.

Still leaves one mystery every time i try to scroll down a modal form for in Interworx(any of them!)

it closes the dialogue. Now this happens in three different browsers and even on the official demo site,

very strange.


Ayearp, Thanks!

I’ve been using my scroll wheel and had not spotted that bug. I’ll open a dev ticket for this asap.