Cannot reuse domain

I think I mistakenly used this domain to setup a NodeWorx user.
I deleted that user.

I tried to setup a SiteWorx account using the domain, it says
Domain Name already exists :

I checked DNS zones and I can’t find any traces of the domain.

Anything else to do?

I can see the folder still exists in /chroot/home/myurlcom
I am logged in as root if I try rm-fr /chroot/home/myurlcom to delete it I keep getting the error rm: cannot remove ?chroot/home/myurlcom/var/ Operation not permitted

Maybe because it was the only account.?!

I created another account, and then the original one showed up in the interface where I could work with it.

Hi jimjam

Welcome to IW forums

Glad you resolved your issue and I have not seen that issue before

Many thanks