Cannot update account... no ip being shown for account

I’m attempting to update an account on my box, but when I go to make the change, the ip selector box just says (dedicated}) with no ip listed (see attached info).
When I submit my changes, it comes back with an error message and won’t allow the change (a good thing at this point).

Any advice?



I assume you clicked the ‘Enable IP changes:’ right below that box??

Yes, and all that does is enable me to choose all of the ip’s that aren’t accounted for yet… and the one that this account is on is not available.

I don’t want to change the ip, I want it to stay the same, but it’s not even letting me do that. All of my other accounts have the ‘(dedicated)’ text, but then it lists the ip of that domain.


Hi Jeremy-

Do you have DNS zones set up for the account(s) in question?


Yes, the dns for that zone is running. However, the dns isn’t used externally, I have other ns boxes that are authoratative. Not that the external boxes should matter for this at all…

BAH! I tried switching it to a different ip (because that would update my quotas)… I did that, but now my old ip doesn’t show as available! It’s eating my IP’s!:eek:

so, that’s not cool.

perhaps at this point I should submit a ticket.

I’ll post a fix or whatever if one is presented to me.