Can't create pointer domain?


I did a misstake and added a zone in nodeworx for a domain that should only be a pointer domain for a customer. When in customers siteworx account I could not create the pointer domain - " ? Error: Both domains already exist, unable to create alias."
When I realized the misstake (one should create the domain from siteworx (pointer domain) and not first in Nodeworx as a regular zone), I deleted the zone in Nodeworx.

I can however not create the pointer domain after this, still recieve the same error.
I have flushed and restarted the nameservers but problem persist.

How can I recover? Seems that the domain info is still in the system somewhere.

Thank you

Hi tsl,

Could you open a ticket with your root and nodeworx login info, and provide the domain/poiinter domain in question? You could be correct, but we’ll need to check it out to be sure.


Thanks Socheat,

The ticket is created with login info.


I’m having the same sort of problem now. I can’t seem to add a pointer domain. However, I don’t get any kind of error message. I’m not getting any message at all. It’s not adding any zone records either, just so know. How can I correct this?

What OS are you using out of interest?

Have you checked the ~iworx/var/log/iworx.log file to see if it’s actually doing anything?

You read my mind, EverythingWeb. :slight_smile:

I’m running CentOS and I haven’t checked the log because I wasn’t aware of it. I’m still new to this control panel.

You haven’t made a bad choice - I can tell you that :wink:

I would suggest this:

tail -f /home/interworx/var/log/iworx.log

This will spool the log, while it’s doing this, try to perform the function you’re struggling with and it may give you an indication of what’s going on. :slight_smile:

Given its now been over 13 months we’ve been running with Interworx, I cant say I’ve been happier, and running a FC4 box surely has opened my eyes to a few things - as unfortunately you know about :wink: LOL

In the SiteWorx main menu, select Hosting Features > Domains > Pointer.
In the Domain field, type the domain to be pointed to the target domain.
Verify the Points To field indicates the desired target domain, and click Add.