Can't create subdomain ""


I’m new to interworx, just got moved from cpanel. On my old host and cp, i used to have a sub domain,, but on moving to interworx, i found out that i can’t create the “mail” sub domain. I’d like to know if there is a way round this to create this subdomain, as users are already used to this address.


Well… The problem is that your domain records in InterWorx already add the mail. subdomain. I don’t know if IWorx prevents you from doing this, but you should be able to remove record for the mail. subdomain in NWorx, then add it in SiteWorx.

I wouldn’t do this though. Espicaly since the mail. won’t match up with IWorx’s webmail :slight_smile:

Assuming you wait mail.* to go to web mail, you can create the “mail” folder in your html directory for the domain. Then just redirect (via .htaccess or PHP or whatever) to your webmail path (https://domain.tld/horde/imp/)

OK, thanks CMI.

I’m running a single site portal on the server, and using a developed mail script to work at that sub domain (“mail”). I don’t need horde webmail.

I don’t even know how to get to the interworx test page that is currently showing at that subdomain, to edit it! Because the sub domain folder doesn’t show in siteworx, or listed as a subdomain.

Any ideas, or is it back to cpanel for me!

You can just add the “mail” subdirectory and start working in there then.

Hi Serverman,

Try this as a workaround. Add a pointer domain in SiteWorx called “”. Then create a html/mail/ folder, and put an index.html file in there with some contents. I believe that’ll get things going for you.


But that would be “” what i need for the script to work is “”. The issue is, i’ve been using this address for 2 years now, local ads and printed materials have it written this way. So it’s a big issue for me. All desktop software attached to the script work to that address.

I’m moving from cpanel due to clustering, which Iworx has.
How do i even edit the page that is presently at the mail subdomain? Also does siteworx have redirection in it’s panel?

Thanks Paul!

Works fine now. Thanks for the help. Looks like it’s bye to cpanel. tee hee.

Glad you have it working but… :slight_smile:

The reason I said to just go for the subdirectory “mail” is that subdomains are served out of subfolders.

sub.domain.tld is the same as domain.tld/sub . All the subdomain utility in SiteWorx does is add and DNS entry for you.

The reason why you were seeing the default IWorx placeholder is that the subdomain code will (wisely) just use your main html directory if for some reason its coresponding subdirectory doesn’t exist.

OK I’m done now :slight_smile: