Can't view/change SSL certs on accounts with Secondary domains

On an account with a dedicated IP and SSL enabled, it seems you can’t view/change/delete existing SSL certificates (or add new ones) if secondary domains are added under the account.

Account with secondary domains:

Account without any secondary domains:

That’s interesting. I think you should open up a support ticket on this one - I can’t reproduce it.

Thanks - I’ve opened a ticket :slight_smile:

Alright. This was neat. The IP for was marked as Shared in NodeWorx’s Server > IP Management > System IPs.

It’s set as Dedicated again and SSL is working.

Great stuff, thanks :smiley:

I’ve opened a ticket :-)…???


Hi challpagal

I hope you don’t mind, but what is your exact issue.

If it relates to this post, I suspect it was corrected and you need to goto your primary siteworx account, and top right, it states managing yourdomain,url, you can change this to manage your secondary domain and I believe access SSL, but I have not tried it myself sorry.

If you could update your post after it has been resolved, it may help other users.

Many thanks