Catchall Issue

Sorry guys, I have a new problem, now I’m trying to setup a catchall account for this server (allmail@mydomain.tld), however, no email arrives to catchall account unless I send it to default@mydomain.tld or allmail@mydomain.tld.
I have tried setting up an external catchall mail account (yahoo) with the same results. This is kind of weird since in the past I had set up catchall accounts for other domains with no issues.

I’ve done all kind of weird stuff trying to solve this problem, please help!!! :frowning:

Can you open a ticket JustMe and we’ll take a peek.


I just read the conditions to open a ticket. I’m at sago, is that a problem?
Should I open the ticket at sago?

You should be all set now JustMe, just responded.


My catchall is simply not working. If I send something to a non-existent account with catchall turned on, the message still bounces. What was the solution to this person’s issue since it appears to be the same as mine? I wish any problem that turns into a private support ticket would be followed up with the solution so we can all benefit.

Check to see if the “Bounce Messages” setting right above the catchall email address is turned on. This setting takes precedence over the catchall, because it happens before the catching.


That was the first thing I checked. Bounce messages is not turned on.