CentOS 4.2 x64 VI coloring

On my old RH9 box VIM had script coloring for PHP, shell scripts, config files, etc.
Also, if you edit a file then exit. When you go back in it would start on the line it was at when you exited before.

Now on CentOS there is no color in VIM and no line remembering on exit.

On RH9 there was not /etc/vimrc file nor did i have ~/vimrc file, but there was a /usr/share/vim/vim61/macros/vimrc file.

On Cent I have a /etc/vimrc file, but can’t find any directory with /vim6x

I also tried copying my old RH9 file to the new server and running vi -u vimrc and still nothing

Any ideas?

yum install vim-enhanced

outght to do it

You may also need vim-common and vim-minimal I’m not sure.

Yeah, thats what I did and it worked like a charm.

For some reason I thought VIM was the new one over VI.
But I guess this is a newer “mod” of VIM.

vim and vile are both separate packages based upon vi