CentOS 8 server without display adapter

I want to build a CentOS 8 server and remove the display adapter after installation completed. Recently, I install a CentOS 8 server with the NVIDIA MX440 adapter installed during installation. After ssh access successfully, I remove installed MX440 adapter. Without the Nvidia card, I cannot ssh access this new server anymore. I have to put the MX440 adapter back in to get ssh access again.

Why network availability connect to display adapter? As a Linux server, a display adapter is really not necessary.

In the old-time, I can put an S3 adapter during CentOS installation and remove it after the server network is up without any problem. But I cannot do this trick anymore, new monitor plug to S3 adapter always give me ‘out of range’ message.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Jamie56

I think you may have better luck finding answers to your post on centos 8 forums

Many thanks