CentOS 8 support

Has anyone tried to install Interworx on CentOS 8 resp. RHEL 8 ? Does anyone have insight into iworx’ plans/timeline for supporting them? I know they are fairly new, especially CentOS and Repos like Epel are still trying to catch up, but I have to do a few new installs and am pondering if postponing them might be a good idea or not.


Hi Michael

Hope your well

Good question and I have not yet tried centos8

We are using centos 6 and 7 and maybe look at centos 8 to replace centos 6 towards end on 2020

I am not aware of any issues though as was the case with centos 7 of you remember but as I said, I have not looked at centos 8 but will be doing next year

Many thanks


Hi Michael

I tried today with Centos 8 boot iso (full dvd is 6.7gb big and no minimal installer available)

It failed though as it did not detect raid drives (server uses H700 raid controller with SSD?s)

It?ll have to wait until next year now though

From what I have read, yum would work as it?s backward even though uses upn I think it?s called for replacement

Remi repos state they have all ready for centos 8

My only concern would be centos 8 shows as using nginx and not Apache

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Is there a plan to support CentOS 8 soon?

Hi Dash

I would consider there would be at some point but I have not heard of any plans myself and have not had time to test centos 8 as yet

Many thanks


Hi @dash !

EL8 support is on the roadmap, hopefully by the end of the second quarter of this year. I do not have a more specific ETA, but it is something the devs are currently working on. :slight_smile:

You can find our proposed public roadmap, here: https://www.interworx.com/roadmap-fe…feedback-form/