Change Apache2 80 port to 8080 (Impossible..)

Hi guys!

I want to install varnish cache program on centos 6 , because i have many memory but… the sites are not fast enought :slight_smile:

My problem is to install this program , i have to change the default 80 port to 8080

But if i change the 80 port the apache not will work anymore…

Checked the firewall add port 8080 delete 80 , and etc. But always the system create the http service port : 80.

So the apache2 work on port 80… Just on THAT.

How could i solve this?

Hi zwreitiger

I’m sorry, from memory you can edit the apache startup from nodeworx, services, webserver, set it to port 8080, then restart apache

Set new firewall port for 8080 incoming/outgoing, but you may need to restart firewall

If your other program uses port 80, you will need to leave open.

I think you may have changed the wrong apache, interworx uses it’s own version.

I hope that helps

Many thanks


I am not use firewall.

No one of the port is working just the 80 port for apache.

Change to 8888

not working… the apache run but thats all… not working :confused:

The firewall port and the port that apache binds to is two completely different things.
You can explain it like this…
You have a number of doors in a hallway,
Your firewall controls what doors are locked, and what doors are open.
The configuration file for your application (in this case apache) tells the application what door it should stand behind to greet the visitors.

So changing the port from 80 to 8080 in the firewall, will only cause the firewall to lock the door with the number ‘80’ sign on and unlock ‘8080’… It won’t tell apache to move to door ‘8080’.
For that you need to change the configuration in apache. To do that, you can either change it in the web server configuration in Interworx web GUI. Or go to /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf and change ‘Listen 80’ to ‘Listen 8080’ and restart the service with ‘service httpd restart’. If you’re not experienced with changing in config files, I highly recommend using the InterWorx Web GUI, and navigate to ‘’ and change ‘HTTP port’ from ‘80’ to ‘8080’, and restart the service with the restart button.

Changed course. Not working. Always say: port is used. Whatever i write 81,82,6755,557,567,999,8888,77777

All port is used… but the ports are open by firewall…

So dont understand this…


I think you need to find out why all ports are in use.

I would ssh into server and run su service httpd stop

Change the config file as Evanion has posted and run su service httpd start

Please take note of any errors on start up

You may also want to run grep I think to see what is using the ports, but could be wrong on the command, but google will bring up lots of commands.

Also, please can I ask where it is saying port in use, as your not giving a lot of information sorry.

I hope that helps a little

Many thanks