Change default login for site/nodeworx login URL


I would like to change the /siteworx and /nodeworx on the site login so for example:

http://domain.tld:2443/siteworx change this to http://domain.tld:2443/mycontrolpanel

Is there a way to do this (there really should be), also perhaps change the port used.

There is but I cant remember where the file is, I was looking for it a while ago.

Just remembered where it is, here you go:


If you want to change so instead of going /siteworx you can go /controlpanel then change the following line:

RewriteRule ^/siteworx(/)?$ http://%{HTTP_HOST}:2443/siteworx/\?domain=%{HTTP_HOST} [R,L]


RewriteRule ^/___WHATEVERYOULIKHERE___(/)?$ http://%{HTTP_HOST}:2080/siteworx/\?domain=%{HTTP_HOST} [R,L]

If you want to change so instead of forcing SSL then change ‘https’ to http’ and the port to 2080.

If you would like to have a couple of values, for example /siteworx AND /controlpanel then just copy the above line with the changed values and put it underneath the current one if your file.

Paul or Dan may be able to confirm this, but I am pretty sure that file will be over-written on the next RPM update. You would be better off editing the /usr/local/interworx/etc/httpd/httpd-custom.conf file because it is not edited/over-written by InterWorx during updates.