Changing domain name after account creation

I’d like to change a domian name after account creation. I pretty much put in a bogus domain name to force a certian UNIX user name. What would I need to change to change the domian name for the account by hand?

Unfortunatly you cannot just flat out change the domain name.

What I suggest is creating the new on, copying the data over, and then changing the owner.

eDixon is right, changing the domain is easier said than done.
If you goal is to force a particular unix user name, I recommend doing the following:

  1. set up the SiteWorx account with the real domain name
  2. useradd <newusername>
  3. edit the /etc/passwd file, change the <newusername> line so that the uid and gid sections match that of the user that was added by NodeWorx, and change the homedir to match as well.
  4. passwd <newusername>

That will allow you to login with the username you want to use.