changing ip on account problem ???

I have just changed the ip on one of my domain accounts, unfortunately this did not work correctly as when going to the domain url it comes up with one of my other
domain accounts.
some how the domain i change the ip on is showing another sites content, bit like a redirect to that site.

As a last resort i deleted the account and recreated another account from fresh, thinking this would cure the problem and even restarted apache but still it shows the other domain content.
Tried deleting the account totally and even though its not live it still shows the same content and i have cleared cache etc
Any ideas or where i check to make sure every thing is configured correctly.

when doing a tracert even though the domain is set on a dedicated ip, the tracert shows it is going to a totally different ip and the ip of the other domains content its showing.
where is the config file that says goes to ip address apart from the one in conf.d file.

o well finally given up on this one today, will have one more go and will have to put a ticket in.

finally sorted !!!

Hi Bear,

Glad you got it sorted out. What was the issue?


i will be honest with you i am not sure what caused the problem, but after changing the ip back to original ip it was on, then back again once more.
Restarted dns, it resolved its self but i don’t really know why it did it in the first place ?
normally works perfectly ok with out a hitch.
Thank you for your reply.