Chmod questions (7755 vs 755?)

Ive never seen this before using the file-manager in siteworx, but when you chmod a file, there is now a new column in the begining. What is this for?

When I chmod something 4644, it changes the perm line to r-- rw- r-- r–
When i do an ls from ssh, its now gives me: -rwSr–r-- higlighting it in red (that means unreadable IIRC). My ftp software also sees this as -rwSr–r--.

So, what is this, has this always been there and im just slow (a distinct possibility).

The 4th option (actually, its the first, before the 3 you normaly see) is for sticky, set UID, and set GID.

1 = sticky - Contents of the directory can only be changed/deleted by thier owners. If you have a world writable directory (like /tmp) anyone can delete anyone else’s files, unless the directory is sticky.
2 = Set UID - If the file is executable, when it is run it as run as the owner of the file, not the user running it. (Well, the effective UID, not the real UID).
4 = Set GID - Same as Set UID, but for GIDs instead.

Why Fileman shows it as a sepeate triplet is something I don’t know. Set UID/GID/Sticky was always around (can’t say anything aobut Fileman) but a good deal of people just don’t know about it. Typicaly that’s because there is no need for them to.

Ah. Makes sence. Thanks.

Have to remove that from a few of my directories now :wink: