Chris Wells in PingZine

As “someone who has put a mark in on the industry” InterWorx and Nexcess.Net president and CEO, Chris Wells was the subject of an interview in the April/May issue of PingZine [ ].

Those of you who get it in paper format can read all about it on pages 42 and 44. I got my copy in the mail the end of last week. The rest of you can see the issue online [ ] The complete text of the interview can be found [ ]


EDIT: It has just been pointed out to me that PZ hasn’t updated the new issue on the site yet, but you can still subscribe to the print version from the site – it’s free to hosting pros – and read the full text of the CW interview which is about three times longer than the one in print. – TR

“CW: Good question. I use windows as my desktop OS but I can’t see using anything but a Unix-like OS on the server. If windows were to scrap their GUI, add all the basic Unix tools and rename itself “Winux” then I might… point my finger at it and laugh. I’m not sure, call me a zealot but I’m just not for Windows on the server at this point.”

haha, that was good! :smiley:



“P!: Do you find that as a developer and web host that you have more free time or less than if you were working the typical 9-to-5?”
“CW: [laughter]”

I will point out that I’ve been asked at least 15 times about the “missing answer” to a question as if it was my doing and I had inside info. I think it was just a typo on there part. And any grammatical errors on my part we’ll chalk up to typos on their part as well ;).


If you enjoy what you’re doing, it’s all free time…you just get paid for it :wink:

CW: I will say one downfall of creating a control panel is that we invariably get tickets about issues that aren’t even closely related to the control panel system. Apparently we’re the only folks that respond – I don’t think there’s a free ticket system for Fedora anywhere – and we get the brunt of random system administration questions. We unfortunately can’t help in these situations but we’ll at least try to point clients in the right direction.

Lol I’m sure Chris at this time was thinking about this *$#! frenchy guy called pascal :slight_smile:

No in fact I don’t spam the support. I have Interworx for a long time and I don’t think to have so much ticket unrelated to inteworx itself.

But it"s true I spam the forum :slight_smile: In fact the idea behind this is I’d like to see a big and grow interworx communauty that could share everything :sysadmin, default config of interworx, security, etc…

maybe it is not the good place but where else ? (lol it recalls me a french TV pub with Georges clooney for Nespresso saying what else)

when you like something you want to speak about this at the right place, where others people share with you what you like.

Maybe I wrong ?

But while iworx don’t ban me I’ll continue to post here everything about shared hsoting on an Interworx box



Haha, dont think you have to worry about that you are one of the biggest contributers to the forums :smiley:

ha ha ha I told this to hear that :-p

no joking of course :slight_smile:

But it’s true I might understand Chris telling they get tickets about issues that aren’t even closely related to the control panel system. but it’s the double face of the sword, controle panel are used per both real sysadmin and people who are not sysdamin. So …

More, it’s always the pbm of fast growing company, could they continue to help people so much they did when they had only few…
They have to be selective, and focus the time passed to resolution to real panel pbm. The things change but iworx still try to help every one, which is a good point (but it is not as before, and it is normal ;-p)

So we all hope the community forum will grow and there will be much more participants with howto, advises, …


Pascal, you summed it up pretty good :).