Clam av

What do you think about integrate Nodeworx and Siteworx with clamAV (customers will be able to scan emails and files)?

This would be a very very good feature! Just another idea.


It’s coming ximian :slight_smile:

lol ok ok !


There are some other tings it would be nice to see, Clam av & spam assaion scanning all incoming and outgoing email.

On the spam it would be nice to be able to run on a spam box, and have the spam box empty every X amount of hours.

Also adding an icon on the siteworx to let a user scan there data files.


Beong able to turn on or off a spam box

Beign able to set the spam mail box to auto empty every X amount of hours

Scan all incomign and out going email for viruses and spam.

Spamassassin should be come asap.

It will be configurable per siteworx account.

But I"ll let the interworx team further explain.


But my concern is to know what will be the compliance with a box who has already spamassassin/clamav installed.

Should I delete them ?

Do we know how long before they have a release with all of this?

If its not soon I will go ahead and install them anyway.

Last I’d heard it was slated for version 1.9 or 2.0, I’m sure Chris will chime in here in a minute and give you a better answer.

A number of people have tried this themselves with mixed success. It’s not for the feint at heart :wink:

It’s slated for 1.9 (the next release) and the ETA is “when it’s done” which will be at least a few weeks. I’d go ahead and install it now if you want it ASAP but it is coming.


To Pascal, once we get the specifics worked out it’ll be more clear whether you need to delete anything. My first guess is no, but you may need to update some of your init scripts with our settings so I wouldn’t worry.


Thanks Chris :slight_smile:

I’m not worry, I never worry with interworx-cp, I know you there :slight_smile:

Is there an update for this? I really hate to be a pest, but for what I am paying a month for this CP it would be nice for the staff to have a better ETA then when its done. This is not Open source or GPL software, so I would think there would be more professionalism from your team.

I like what there is so far, but the lacking features are almost enough to move to other CP software.

Don?t take this wrong, but we are paying customers, treat us like we are.


Well I don’t think that give an ETA would be more professionalism.

It puts developer under stress and what is the benefit to deliver something not tested enough just because there is an ETA.

But as I already told in an other thread or maybe in a mail, it’s true, and a lot of study show this, that it’s much better for a developpers team or a project manager to often deliver littles releases rather than to seldom deliver bigs ones.

Once however, I will like added once again that I seldom saw a team as available as that of iworx, and I make a point of congratulating them for that. They are always to help anyone.

Good continuation, and especially do not change anything:)

(except maybe what I have just said: more small deliveries often, 1 per month seems to me a good rate at the beginning, rather than a gross seldom)

GodBoKo, if you don’t want wait any more and would like to go ahead, I may help you install spamassassin and clamav as I already install them 3 times on some of my boxes.


The last I’d hard it was going to be in 1.9 and was about 90% done. It’s not just getting the software installed and running but also the web interface in the InterWorx panel itself.

I like what there is so far, but the lacking features are almost enough to move to other CP software.

That is – of course – your choice.

InterWorx is newer and better because it was designed from the bottom up with the USER in mind (as opposed to cPanel which you seem to need a computer science degree to understand at first . . . okay that’s an exageration but it does have a higher learning curve).

Don?t take this wrong, but we are paying customers, treat us like we are.

Oh I think they do and then some. I get better support from them than from my data center (most of the time). It takes time to write all of this code and then debug it. Remember most of them also work for Chris’s hosting company in addition to working on InterWorx.

Give them time, I’m sure you won’t be disapointed.


Its not about getting it installed, we can do that, its having the integration with nordworx and siteworx.

I am not a fan of cpanel, ensim, or plesk, Like I said don’t take what I say wrong, but when months go buy with no upgrades what so every, its worrisome.

If you need more testers please get in contact with me I am more then willing to beta test software.

I will agree the support here is much better then that of Sago Networks and most other data centers.

I was just saying they do treat there release timetable more of that of a free software then a paid service.

Anyway this was in no way meant to be rude to the staff emembers of this company. Just a small complaint.

Anyway thanks for the offers of help, if it takes more then 2-3 weeks I might take you up on it untill they get everything ready. My users need the GUI though :slight_smile:


We are always conservative about giving out time tables as plans do fluctuate and I’d much rather not have all iworx-cp users counting on any 1 single feature only to have our internal time table changes irritate anxiously waiting users.

That said, the SPAM filtering support will be in the next release, which we’re targeting for this month. Other features in the next release include: SiteWorx Backup, AWStats, Analog, Horde 3.0, phpMyAdmin 2.6.0 pl3 and other goodies.

Thanks for offering to BETA test, we will most likely contact you to do so as we need external testers.

Finally, let me say that as an avid InterWorx-CP users I share you want for the SPAM filtering 100% :).


Awesome, I’m really looking forward to this! :slight_smile: