ClamAV installed by default ?

Hello evryone,
yesterday I got VPS (CentOS 3.5) with Interworx (2.0.5) installed, and still didn’t touch anything on the box.

I would like to have ClamAV running, and I’m not sure if it’s installed in a first place. In Interworx panel, under ClamAV Status, it says “STOPPED”, but all the buttons are grayed out, and I can’t start it (at least not within the panel).

I installed ClamAV before, on some Debian servers, but before I try to do the same here, is there any SOP - sort of standard procedure to add software so it doesn’t brake the Interworx, or it stays compatible with future Interworx updates?

Hi gRF,

ClamAV should be installed and running by default. What happens if you run
service clamd restart
at the server console?

If you open a support ticket at and provide your login info we’ll help figure out what is wrong.


That was fast reply. Thanks, Paul.

When I try:
service clamd restart
I get this:
clamd: unrecognized service

That is strange, normally InterWorx won’t install without ClamAV since it’s a requirement (in terms of the rpms). If you open a support ticket I’ll investigate and make sure your server install is otherwise ok, and check on ClamAV.


Thanks Paul,

I didn’t even finish replying to the post, and Kevin from Steadfast already fixed the problem. So ClamAV is running now, and it shows nicely in the panel.

Great. The one thing I’d recommend you (or they) check is that the clamav user is in the simscan group. If it isn’t there’ll be issues with mail delivery.

It should look something like this:

grep simscan /etc/group



I guess it’s better I open the support ticket, and you guys take a look, so everything is set correctly right from the start.