ClamAv not starting

If you have had a warning over clamav not working today, then the issue is likely to be in maldet.
Top resolve this issue, I did a maldet reinstall as follows:
SSH into server
service clamd stop
cd (to folder where you extrated maldet)
(onscreen you should see where it downloads the latest version, and also the hash values have changed)
maldet --update-sigs
maldet --update-ver
vi /usr/local/maldetect/conf.maldet (please set config as you need)
maldet -m users
service clamd start
That should correct clamav, and clamav start normally, with maldet running normally
I hope that helps
Many thanks

I had the same problem here this morning - got an alert that ClamAV is not running. Thank you for your fix! Followed your instructions which resolved the issue immediately =)

We had the same issues this morning as well. Thanks John. :slight_smile: