ClientExec Integration HOW-TO?

I saw that Interworx is integrated with ClientExec - which is good because that’s what we’re trying to use for our new hosting brand. However, I cannot seem to find the documentation that explains how to do the integration. I look in ClientExec and see options for Shell/DirectAdmin/CPanel - but not Interworx.

Can someone point me to the docs?

Thanks - Brian


ClientExec finished testing a week or 2 ago and it should be in there next update. I mailed them to see when this would be but didn’t get a response yet. When I do I’ll let you know. The integration is 100% done, we’re just waiting for the release.


Excellent, i’m currently using clientexec and wanting to move it from my old server to my new one. Hopefully this gets happening soon!

Keep us posted

Just wanted to check in again and see where the progress with getting this integrated is , thanks.

Interworx support is in the current version of Clientexec


I have the latest version of CE (v2.5) and the Interworx intergration is in the latest version(s).