ClientExec & Interworx

We switched over from modernbill to client exec and the switch hasn’t been painless.

We’ve run into a few issues but now we’re at the point where CE can’t interact with Interworx correctly.

I can create dummy domains and everything seems to work until I tell CE to create the domain on Interworx, at first I was getting ‘200’ errors, now I get error 12152 from internet explorer and it says the domain wasn’t created, but it is.

In firefox, I get an error that the plugin didn’t function correctly, but it creates the domain anyway.

This leaves the domain creation and package creation in a “pending” state because CE doesn’t get the correct response from Interworx.

I think the CE guys have given up, told me that I needed to open ports 2080 and 2443 on my interworx box (both are open for TCP but not UDP).

So anyone else have any insight on how to fix this issue?

Using Interworx 3.0.4 and CE 3.1.4.