cloudflare + nodeworks djbdns + clustering

What is best practice to make cloudflare work well with nodeworks djbdns?
What is best practice to make the above work on clusters of interworx on each server?

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Cloudflare (CF) is integrated within IW-CP but you need to activate CF in nodeworx, plugins activate CF and input your CF credentials (you need an account with CF first)

Once activated, CF appears on every siteworx account under hosting, domains, CF and the siteworx user can create their own free CF account from siteworx or inout their own credentials is they laready have a cf account.

Siteworx account CF users can be same as your CF account or unique to them, but their CF account would be assigned by CF to your CF account

All DNS records are created from within IW-CP but if the domain DNS is not held on the IW-CP server/DNS, then you woudl need to correctly adjust the DNS records to match those shown in IW-CP dns for that domain

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Thank you so much for your very helpful answer!
Will work with it and get back if need be.
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