CloudLinux and IPv6

Has anyone has any issues with getting IPv6 to work on a server with CloudLinux installed?

I’m setting up 3 servers at the moment, Centos 6 base, CloudLinux, Interworx, Litespeed. I installed CloudLinux on two of the servers, and then one of them I have not installed it yet.

I was setting up IPs in the system today and realized that the Interworx install without CloudLinux activated the IPv6s just fine, but the two servers that had CloudLinux installed before Interworx show all of the IPv6s on the IP screen, but did not automatically activate them, and will not allow me to activate them…even though all the settings are the same as on the server without CloudLinux.

Has anyone had an issue with CloudLinux…and if so…did you get it fixed, or have any details?

(I’m opening a ticket with them as well, just figured I’d ask here in case anyone else has experienced this)