Cluster. NFS --> cache ?


When I look at the nfs stat I can see NFS doesn’t cache and I can see huge misses server reply cache (in red)!

Any idea why ?

# nfsstat -o all
Server packet stats:
packets       udp        tcp        tcpconn
831127375   0          831127441   4

Server rpc stats:
calls      badcalls   badauth    badclnt    xdrcall
831127290   0          0          0          0

Server reply cache:
hits       misses     nocache
0          13097420   818029760

Server file handle cache:
lookup     anon       ncachedir  ncachedir  stale
0          0          0          0          41

My NFS wouldn’t be set right ?

For those whom use the iworx cluster, do you also have this kind of stats ?



Up this thread !

Iworx team, do you also have these stats data on your cluster ?