Clustering and Resilience

What have you guys used to make a fully failure proof Interworx deployment?

In other words everytime I deploy a new server with Interworx I’d have to have a new control panel for customers on that server.

If their domain DNS has not resolved they would have to access it by IP, which is a pain.

I prefer them to login through the siteworx login box on our homepage. So clustering is a good solution. If a node fails, doesn’t matter right?

However the master server, if that fails, game over.

So whats the best way to create a fully disaster proof solution?

Also do you guys save data on the servers local HDDs or do you use SANs / NAS / iSCSI? I am thinking about a SAN solution but heard performance is not that great and I’m better with local disks or iSCSI.

I would recommend learning more about SAN and NAS technology before investing in either - iSCSI is not a storage medium, it’s how a system communicates with one :wink:

I understand that, but it’s like NFS - iSCSI is supposed to be faster than NFS which is what Iworx uses to talk to a NAS.

I am looking at Synology RackStation as they have high performance at a nice price, and with RAID 6 should be pretty reliable.