Confused And Annoyed

Okay, I sent a message to Interworx support about some problems that me and my friend were having accessing our control panel and some other problems and we were told to contact our host…any ideas?

Our Message
Myself and my friend own the domain and over the last few days/weeks we’ve been experencing several unexplained difficulties.

  1. My friend, (IP: (Removed) and (Removed))) has been experiencing difficulties logging in to the main Siteworx Control Panel from those particular IPs.
  2. Our DiskSpace has gone up drastically in the space of a day or so when very little work has been done on our sub-domains.
  3. Myself, My friend and another of our site owners have been experiencing difficulties logging in to the FTP server from outside programmes.
    We have noticed some unusual activity in our logs but feel that these problems are beyond our control and would appreciate some assistance from our hosts.

Our Reply

You’ll need to contact your hosting company about this. We’re a software company
that makes the InterWorx control panel but we’re not a hosting company.

I’m at the end of my tether with all this!

1.) Logins aren’t blocked by IP unless your hosting company has setup some sort of IP validation on their end which is why it would be best to contact them regarding this issue.

2.) If you’re getting a lot of spam and don’t frequently clean out your mailboxes, it could be email taking up your disk space since it’s shared with the disk space.

3.) Try turning PASV mode on or off in your FTP program and try again, or try another FTP program.

problem #1 and #3 could be network related which InterWorx wouldn’t be able to help you with. Have you tried contacting your hosting company regarding any of these matters?

Thats the thing - I thought Interworx was our hosting company

(Thanks for the other stuff though I’ll try it =) )

InterWorx is the software company that creates the InterWorx control panel but they’re not a hosting company. Based on your domain record at:

It looks like is your hosting company

Okay thank you for that - I have contacted them and will hopefully get a response soon.

Can I ask one more thing?
Are they allowed to put my information on another site like that?

The domain record is displayed by the domain registrar, in this case If you purchased your domain name from Ubiquity, then it’s possible that they use Enom as their domain reseller. So when you by a domain name from Ubiquity, they register the domain name via their reseller account with Enom. Domain records are public for any domain that isn’t using Whois Privacy for their domain. So, a long winded answer to your question…haha…Yes, they’re allowed to display your info because you’re the owner of the domain name.

Right okay

Thanks for your help

[QUOTE=Fan-Obsession;11002]Okay thank you for that - I have contacted them and will hopefully get a response soon.

Can I ask one more thing?
Are they allowed to put my information on another site like that?[/QUOTE]
from whois information for

Admin Contact, InterWorx L.L.C.
P.O. Box 7445

Ann Arbor, MI 48107

Whois data should be publically available on the web by design, including your email address. So, mostly it only hepls spammers! (from whois data spammers get the email addresses, so those who don’t want to fight with spam, don’t use their active/main email account for this. But you have to keep this email active though to do domain renewals/transfers). BTW, your email address is an one starting with Angel_…

You can use whois privacy protection with the domain from the domain registrar to hide your contact/email address. Some offer it for free with the domain (e.g.,, some charge for it (e.g., [first year free],, etc).

If I could pass a message to all those registering domains, I would say

  1. “NEVER use registerfly, their site is full of bugs, and you will have terrible support”,
  2. “Consider another company than godaddy, as their site/order-page is full of ads to other products”,
  3. “You won’t think of another company after you choose namecheap, they are the best”.