Control Panel and Modern Bill

I have today installed Modern Bill to work along with the control panel.

Couple of questions.

  1. Does anyone have these two working?

  2. How do I get them to intergrate? as at the moment they are not working with each other I made sure that the module was installed but not sure about all the info its asking there, and the modernbill install manual is not very good at explaining this they dont offer support unless u buy it but im not buying it if it does not do what I want :stuck_out_tongue: thats why im trying the demo.

  3. Would it be poss for someone to make a how to for linking modern bill with the CP and then put in the doc’s area.



How To’s for ModernBill and DramsPlus are inthe works. I have Drams working and am going to install MB either today or tomorrow.


Tim’s surname is docman :-p

Hello Perry,

Did you generate a key in nodeworx to paste in the interworx module in modernbill?

hehe, I’ve been found out :slight_smile:

Anyway the first step in integrating the API into MB or Drams is generating an API key

(a large block of nonsense looking characters) and pasting it into a specified place in the software you are integrating.

I hope to get to this tonight. If not I promise to do it tomorrow.


We use MB + IWorx-CP daily. There actually are docs on iworx+mb included with MB but it isn’t clear from the install instructions or the interface. They are located in MB’s manual here:

If you have any specific quesitons just post them here and we can give you a hand.


I have managed to get to Step 4 on these instructions.

But lost from there on, nothing seems to be where these instructions say they are so I guess they are out of date.

on click the Server Groups link I get a 404 so thats no help.

I tried to do Step 5 and I dont see any “InterWorx Packages” or anthing ref to InterWorx there. :frowning:

Help Chris!!

MB just released a new version 4.3 – that may be the problem

I was just installing this last night myself :wink:

Tools/System Config/Server Settings/Server Modules/mod_interworx/

This is where you add the InterWors API key

Products > Package Setup.

In the Signup Package Setup & Stats box

click on the name of the package you entered and liik for a link for enter InterWorx attributes.

one thing that i have found with this ans also with DramsPlus is that it does NOT import your packages. You still have to add them by hand :frowning: