Coping databases and users to another site

I have a small problem. I need to copy my database users and databases to another site within Siteworx. How can I do that? I forgot the passwords for both the users and databases, but can access them successfully through Siteworx. If I backup the current Siteworx site and restore it to the new one, would that work? If not, is there another way to copy over the database names and files from the current site to the new site? Both sites are in the same Nodeworx control center.

Thank you.


There is no way within InterWorx-CP to do this. The easiest way is simply to recreate the databases, users and perms within the new account and then export the SQL data from the old DBs and into the new. The other caveat is that the DB names are domain specific so you can’t have 2 siteworx accounts with the same DB name prefix.