Copy Incoming and Outgoing Email to Another Account

I have a user who wants to have all incoming and outgoing email from an email account in Siteworx (v. 6) copied to him so he can monitor an employee’s communication with customers.

I experimented with the “Send copy to” section in Siteworx -> Email -> Mailboxes, but although I have had no problems sending and receiving with the email account, no address I put in the “Send copy to” field receives a copy of sent or received emails.

I can set up an alias for the employee’s email account, at which point Siteworx adds the employer’s email address to the “Send copy to” field for the employee’s email account and copies of incoming messages do go from the employee’s account to the employer’s, but that leaves me with the problem of copying outgoing messages.

Apparently, the employer doesn’t want to rely on having the employee add him as a CC each time he sends an email. Is there a way to copy all outgoing messages from a Siteworx v. 6 email account to another account on the same domain?


This is not an option in IW but that does not mean it cannot be setup to do what you ask.

However, IW is in the process of changing email server, so any work now maybe obsolete

We use IW for shared mail as is, but if clients require more then we offer enterprise class email at an additional cost per Month. Then the client could use and setup as they needed

Many thanks


Thanks John. If the email server is changing, I guess I will see if the email client the employee is using allows setting a default CC for the time being, and revisit this once the new email server is in IW.

We do want to eventually move to postfix and completed a proof of concept but it was going to take a lot longer than we wanted to get it implemented and we found other ways to meet the requirements that started us looking at postfix to start with. So no changes to the mail service for a while yet.

I’ve been looking into options to auto bcc outgoing emails since reading this, but have not found anything except a server wide logging option. Which is likely not what you want. I think there is a need for a per mailbox outgoing and incoming email archiving option though so I want to dig into this more, when there is time. For now I’ll add this to our feature request backlog.

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Thanks, @IWorx-Joseph. The client is using Gmail for the employees account, so I have him looking into using a filter to BCC the outgoing mail, or using a Chrome Extension that is supposed to automatically BCC the email. Neither of those options is ideal, so I appreciate you adding this to the feature request list.


Ah sorry I was not aware that postfix was no longer going to be implemented.

The biggest question I am asked, is over SNI for email, which I thought Qmail was not capable but postfix is.

Is SNI for email still going to implemented

I was thinking last night, and if I understand correctly the client uses Imap and the requirement is to copy outgoing email to another user…

If above is correct, then as a short term fix, why not setup the user account as an additional Imap in his client email program… so they would have 2 Imap profiles.

Also, just a little point which has been talked about numerous times over the years, which is using Imap with large storage used (say around 2Gb or more). This will push your server resources (cpu etc…) and result in higher loading of server and slower performance. It is not just 1 user with say 2Gb size, but a lot of users with over 2GB sizes eg 50 users with avaerage 2GB size used = 100GB total

This is why we have enterprise dedicated mail platforms… but this costs additional to client per Month to use and is fully featured (shared calenders, contacts, mailboxes etc…)

Many thanks


SNI for mail has already been added. Few months ago now in Q1. After we realized how long postfix was going to take and the potential issues would have when converting we started looking for another option. Eventually found dovecot submission which also gave us the ability to add support for older legacy smtp standards and ports.

SMTP SNI and legacy alt ports support -

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You may be able to use ‘taps’ for this, though I believe it will only apply to new mail being sent–I don’t think it will retroactively send copies of existing messages.

To set it up:

  1. Create a file called “taps” under /var/qmail/control
  2. Add a line such as:
    [email protected]:[email protected]

When an email is sent from [email protected] to a separate address, a copy will also go to [email protected]

For further information:

Note: Sending to an email group creates email looping. The tap target must be a single email address.

Let me know if this helps! :smiley:

Friendly Neighborhood InterWorx Support Manager


Thanks Jenna!

I looked at the QUEUE_EXTRA feature but did not come across taps. Was going to double check this with everyone today but you beat me to it!

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Very cool @IWorx-Jenna!

That’s a very simple method, and I’m only concerned about new mail being sent, so it should be perfect.

I have added a “taps” file in /var/qmail/control, and added the email accounts as you suggest. From reading the documentation you linked to, it sounds like I don’t have to restart anything for it to work.

I’ve asked the client to test it by sending a new email from the employee’s account to some other address other than their own without adding a CC or BCC to his address, and to let me know if it works.

I’ll post back with the results.

Thanks again!

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Hi Iw-Joseph

Many thanks but SNI is not working on our servers.

I did a TLS email check using a domain which has it MX record using only the domain and the cert failed - stating reason is not matching SSL cert for email server

Is there any setting I have missed

All servers are IW 6.8.1 (on RC) and centos 6 and 7

I believe Nico has same issue and I believed it was because SNI was not available until postfix change

Kudos to IW-Jenna and IW-joseph for quick copy detail - I knew there were a copy for all email from all domains but not that you could set to specific domain/email account

Many thanks


Have you enabled the MSA agent?

You can Convert to Dovecot Submission from Nodeworx > System Services > MSA Settings. Then enable 465 and SSL support if needed. This sets dovecot to take over 587 (TLS) and all non port 25 smtp connections. The MSA agent (dovecot) is what has SNI enabled so really SNI is only enabled for 587 and any other ports you enable in MSA. 465 for example.

I’ve now realized we don’t have a lot of documentation out there for this so I will check in with support about what they want documented.

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Hi Joseph

Many thanks

Apologies to the OP - I should really have started a new thread - so will look to see tommorow if we can split threads

Yes, dovecote was enabled when first appeared as option

Port 587 for SNI

most use port 25 then upgrade to 587 if TLS available

So it looks as though it is not working

I will test tomorrow on explicit port 587 but as I said, most only use 25 then upgrade

Many thanks


Hey John–

If they’re using port 25, it’s not expected to work. It only applies to 587/465. So you might want to see if you can enforce customers always using 587.

If you test with it explicitly using 587 and find it’s still not working, submit a ticket with RA enabled and I’ll take a look for you. :slight_smile:

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@IWorx-Jenna, I still haven’t heard back from the client, so I set up a test account and added it to my “taps” file to copy to another account on the same domain. It worked flawlessly.

Thank you again!



@Iw-Jenna - yes can confirm explicit 587 works lovely thank you for email SNI

The issue we have, but it’s not a real big issue as we set MX to server MX for SSL, is that there are a big range in devices clients use, and some do not do explicit - so cannot set explicit only. Some devices cannot even cope with TLS1.2

Many thanks


Glad it is working for you when specifically pointing to 587! :smiley:

Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do regarding customers using outdated mail clients or not being willing to use 587 or 465. :frowning: Using the Dovecot MSA was the stopgap for right now for SNI, since there is not a specific ETA on switching to Postfix due to the scale of that project, just a hopeful roadmap goal.

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@linux4me Awesome! Glad that helped. :slight_smile:

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