Counter Strike Hosting

Whats up everyone,

Just need some advice from all the other smart people out there…

I’m planning on starting a Counter Strike: Source hosting company ontop of my normal web hosting business…

I just purchased a brand spankin new dual Xeon 3Ghz server to put next to my regular P4 2.8 server and was curious what the best setup to start doing this was.

Should I cluster the servers and spread all the hosting out? or would you keep the servers separate and just run CS on the beast? just shoot me your ideas because i have a few high demand MySQL database websites and dont want to conflict with anything…

Also with clustering…do all the servers in the cluster answer autoritively to DNS requests? For example…if i have the main sites on ServerA(NS1) can I set ServerB as NS2 and have it answer authoritively to DNS requests?

Thanks guys!

I would not suggest running your CS servers and webhost servers together.

The hosted files and the MySQL database all sit on the Cluster Master.

But for the sake of your hosting clients, I would run them on different machines.