cPanel 11.18.1-RELEASE Import to IWORX?

I have a new account I just setup with a dedicated server and moving their few sites from shared hosting to the new dedicated box. The shared hosting is currently using cPanel 11.18.1-RELEASE and I see in the import on Iworx it only shows cPanel 10.

Just to confirm will I have to move these manually? It’s only 3 sites so it shouldn’t be that big of a deal, just was interested to know since this will be my first time doing a cPanel to Iworx.



You may be able to use the importer, but it may not transfer everything. Particularly, any cpanel “addon” domains won’t be imported (siteworx secondary domains are the closest equivalent). So, you can try using the cpanel importer if you like as a starting point, but you should double check the results if you do.


It seemed to work pretty well. The database was copied but the database user wasn’t. Seems like the email accounts were copied, although not sure if it got the actual emails.

The mysql user was copied in the 2nd site I moved over though