cpanel import and exim

I did a search and from the results it seems like I will lose all email messages if I import from a cpanel server using exim to Interworx?

Is that still true and is there any way around this?


Yes, even for Iworx to Iworx imports the software only imports the email boxes themselves (names, passwords, quotas, etc) NOT their contents.

InterWorx uses qMail/vPOPmail not exium. The data filrs are incompatible so copying them over would do no good.

I’ve never heard of a conversion utility between the two (exium-qmail), but you’re welcome to take a look around on the web. That of course would not be supported by us.

Well, I used courier-imap with exim and maildirs, would this mean I can just manually copy the folders over after import?

And for Iworx to Iworx imports, wouldn’t it make sense to do the full backup of messages too? What’s the logic behind leaving messages if you don’t mind me asking?

The mailbox formats are incompatible between the two. Even with qumail they have to be the same kind of cmail (specifically qmail-toaster) to direct copy.

We’ve gone back and forth on saving messages or not for the Iworx-Iworx imports and there are reasons on both sides. All I was saying was that right now we don’t.

Let us know if we can help you with anything else :slight_smile:

Actually, that’s not quite accurate… :slight_smile:

On a non-IWorx-to-IWorx import, we only import email accounts, not email data.

On an IWorx-to-IWorx partial backup (and subsequent restore), only email data, not accounts.

On an IWorx-to-IWorx full backup (and subsequent restore), email accounts and email data are restored.

Hopefully that didn’t make it more confusing. :slight_smile:


No, not confusing… just can’t switch existing clients over that’s all :frowning:

Non-iworx import = screwed
Iworx import = could be ok

That’s my interpretation :wink:

The emails aren’t completely lost.

The email files will still be in the original, non-iworx backup (if the non-iworx panel backed them up, that is). You can use a tool like mb2md or mbox2maildir to do the conversion for you. Or, if the client wants to do it themselves, they can setup two accounts in their mail client, one for the old mail server and one for the new, and copy the mail from the old account into the new account.

We are planning on making the importers complete, so though you may not to be do the whole process completely with tools provided by InterWorx-CP right now, you will be able to in the future. :slight_smile:


Oh, so not to beat this to death, but since I’m already using Maildir with Exim I shouldn’t have a problem then… the problem you guys are referring to is the conversion from mbox to maildir right?

Correct, however you will still need to manually move the data over. You just won’t need to take an extra step to convert from mbox to Maildir format.


Hey folks,

Provided you’ve gotten your cPanel host migrated to Maildir, you could use the following script I crafted up to move your mail data over. Bear in mind, should this script kill your dog, burn down your house, or take a dump in your Cheerios, it’s your problem. I’ve used it to move a couple domains over and have had pretty good luck with it.

I should also mention that you’ll have to run this as root, so use extreme caution.


#Copy cPanel mail data to InterWorx host
#Ghetto-rigged(tm) by mstyne
#Thu Jul 27 18:44:20 EDT 2006

#args : remote-user local-user domain host
#Do yourself a favor and set up an ssh key with no password or an ssh-agent

if [ ! $# == 4 ]; then
        echo "Usage: $0 remote-user local-user domain host"

for user in $(/bin/ls -1 /home/$2/var/$3/mail); do
rsync -a -v --exclude 'courierimaphieracl/' --exclude 'courierimapkeywords/' --exclude 'courierimapuiddb' --exclude 'courierpop3dsizelist' --exclude '.mailboxlist' $4:/home/$1/mail/$3/$user/ /home/$2/var/$3/mail/$user/Maildir/;
chown -R vpopmail:$2 /home/$2/var/$3/mail/$user/Maildir/;

I’m resurrecting an old thread. Will the new version of Interworx transfer mail from cpanel servers?