cPanel/Interworx to Interworx Server Migration

Recently, I made the decision to migrate all of my servers over to the Interworx-CP system after previously having a single Interworx machine to work with over the course of the last four months. The migration of data and mysql was an extremely easy process, and I was overly impressed.

The only real issues come when migrating in “addon” domains from cPanel, in which I was forced to manually come up with a solution to take the place of this normal feature in the various other control panels in the industry. In order to do this, I created another httpd configuration in /etc/httpd/conf.d using the format ( being the primary interworx domain for the account). When doing this process with over 200 domains, it got extremely annoying. :rolleyes:

The only other problem that I could come up with was not in the cPanel migration, but that of the Interworx --> Interworx migration. This process was simply to move accounts from one server to another, which worked flawlessly. On my previous Interworx server, however, I had quite a large amount of Bayes Spam Filtering data which I cannot find on the system to move over. What would the process be to go about this?

Anyway, thanks for the awesome transfer process - saved me a lot of time and effort and for that, it’s just another reason to use Interworx for absolutely everything. :cool:

Any solutions to the Bayes database information transfer would be greatly appreciated so that I don’t have to start out from scratch again. But the major thing that I believe should be fixed is a way to transfer in addon domains and to create them from within a SiteWorx account would save me a lot of time as well :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments Alexander and glad you’re continuing to move to iworx-cp :).

We’ll check out the cpanel import issues and see what we can do. We’ll also fill out the iworx-cp import as it matures.

Thanks again,