Cpanel/WHM to Interworx

Hello Everyone,

I am thinking about moving from Cpanel to Interworx and I will need to have the following setup in Interworx. What I want to know is who here has the same or similar setup that I am looking to have with Interworx.

Interworx Control Panel


Litespeed Server

CSF Firewall

CXS Exploit Scanner

ModSecurity (How do you whitelist ID’s in Interworx?)

Daily Backups to secondary hardrive

Multi PHP

So, basically what I want to have is a similar setup like me current Cpanel. What I am asking is compatibility between the above software and ease of configuration. Does anyone have a similar setup like the above and how is it all working?



Hello! Thank you for your interest in InterWorx!

If you’d like to do some testing, feel free to request a demo key. By default, they are provisioned for two weeks, but if you make a note in your request, they can be made active for up to four weeks:

(We are also currently running a sales promotion where a single license is free for the first three billing period, which also gives an extend period for testing).

There is a plugin for Cloud Linux, so that is easily used and supported:

There is also a plugin for LiteSpeed, which can be found in Nodeworx under NodeWorx > Plugins. It does require a Litespeed license.

ConfigServer developed their own plugins for CFS and CXS for InterWorx. They maintain and support that plugin, so they would be the best point of contact for any specific questions you might have, but here is some information that may be helpful:

We do not directly provide or have a GUI interface for ModSecurity, so that is something that would need to be controlled from the command line. Here is some information on whitelisting IPs with ModSecurity:

Regarding backups:
-SiteWorx accounts can schedule individual daily backups that can be stored in a remote location from the GUI
-It is also possible to script a cron to backup all accounts daily, which can then be sent to a remote location

Here is some documentation on that:

We also have a plugin for Acronis, and S3 support:

We also have a built in importer, which makes it easy to import your cPanel accounts. You would just use “cPanel” as the Control Panel type:

I have seen many customers who are utilizing various combinations, or all of the above. :slight_smile: I definitely recommend requesting a demo key so you can do some testing. Let me know if you have any question! :smiley:

Friendly Neighborhood InterWorx Support Manager

Oops! I didn’t noticed the Multiple PHP bit at the end. :slight_smile: We do offer that, as well. If you use Cloud Linux, InterWorx supports their multiple PHP options, and we also offer our own solutions (though ours does not include the many EOL versions that Cloud Linux provides). Here is some information on that, as well:

(As a note, we are currently in the process of a huge documentation overhaul, so some of the screenshots in the above documentation I provided will not match what you see in the current product, as they were taken from the old interface. I apologize for any confusion).

Wow, Thank you Jenna :slightly_smiling_face:

Is there anything like this for Interworx ?

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Currently Im not aware of any like it however Interworx is a very secure platform for Web Hosting
But if im wrong please list and share your info.

i do believe if you check the roadmap Imunify360 is on the todo list.
you can check the roadmap here
Roadmap - InterWorx

ModSecurity rules for Webhosting
Imunify360 \ AV, we are working on full integration.

Advanced Intrusion prevention and Bruteforce protection
APF \ BFD, this is our current default.
CSF \ LFD, fully Interworx compatible. This is my prefered option.
Imunify360 \ AV, modsec, PAM and OSSEC.

Thanks for bringing this up, I’m going to take a look at opsshield.

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