cPGuard Web Security Software is now fully Integrated with Interworx

We are happy to announce that cPGuard Web Security Suite and cPGuard Lite are now fully compatible with Interworx control panel.

About cPGuard - cPGuard is a fully automated security suite for Linux Servers which includes Automatic Malware Scanner, Manual Scanner Engine, IP reputation Check, Domain Reputation check brute-force protection against various CMS, Web Application Firewall, distributed IPDB firewall etc. cPGuard uses intelligent code processing algorithms to scan your servers, to block real-time attacks and it is the only solution offering file injection cleanup in the same product line. cPGuard comes with a user-friendly dashboard with various customization options and you will no other such feature-rich solution in the same price range!

Why you should choose cPGuard to protect your websites?

  1. Value for Money:- Unlike the competitors, our pricing is very less to make sure that the solution is affordable to every server owner and host. Still, our software is feature rich and provides the highest level of security for websites.
  2. Quality of the software:- Though we charge less, that does not mean we compromise on quality. Our team contains experienced engineers in the back-end, front-end development, and support wing. We provide unlimited support as well along with each license.
  3. Consumes very less server resources for the total processing
  4. Reduces Server Management Efforts:- Since it takes much more admin time to manage with hacked websites, spamming, etc cPGuard can reduce such malicious activities and helps to reduce the server admin time and keep your server stable.

How to install cPGuard

You can follow the instructions at https://opsshield.com/help/cpguard/secure-websites-on-inerworx-control-panel/ to install cPGuard Web Security Suite

To install cPGuard Lite, you can follow the instructions at https://opsshield.com/help/cpguard/how-to-install-cpguard-lite-on-interworx-server/

Please check the comparison here to understand the differences between the 2 packages

How to test the software with $0 payment?

We offer FREE 30 Days TRIAL using which server owners can experience the full features of the software. Within the TRIAL period, you can enjoy all the upcoming features too without any payment.

Any questions?

Please feel free to shoot an email to sales[at]opsshield.com and we will be happy to answer you!

I would be interested to know if anyone has installed this and their experiences.