Creating Scriptworx Class

I have my class created, it shows up in Nodeworx, and in Siteworx. Upon installation, right after you enter in a directory. I get the following error

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: _validateadminoptions() in /usr/local/interworx/include/scriptworx/Sunshop.php on line 157

On this line, which is in the function

$admin_ok = $this->_validateAdminOptions( $input );

Not sure what the problem is, but it says that function is not defined. This should be defined in the Script class if I am correct. I have extended this class in my class, and the constructor for parrent::Script seems to work fine, so I am not sure what the next step would be. Any iworx peeps have any insight? My class isn’t too complicated yet, I was just trying to get something to work. I wanted to get this working before hosting con next month guys.

Unfortunately, this is one case where the documentation is ahead of the code base. The ScriptWorx code to support adding your own custom script to ScriptWorx will be out with the next release of InterWorx-CP, so until then, your custom script installer will not work. Sorry. :(.

As a side question, could you provide any feedback on the documentation?


Bummer. I will be attending hostingcon next month with my company Turnkey Web Tools. We were accross from you guys at the convension last year. I was hoping to get the installer working for the show, we are moving all our hosting servers over to Iworx soon too. The only thing I would recommend as far as the documentation is possibly a full class file example. I mean I have a pretty good knowldge of PHP and OOP but it took me a couple runs to get it to show up in Nodeworx as I got caught up on the “constructor()” that you have, then I came clear in my head and realized that implied making a class for my script, extending the Script class, and doing it that way. Sometimes eyes skip the fine print. An entire example would help those coders that like complete source examples.

The full class examples are distributed with the next version of the software as well, but I’ll be sure to clear up the documentation, thanks for the input.

it may be possible to help you get ready for the show wrt to ScriptWorx by getting you a beta of the next version, I’ll do what I can. If you wanted to send your binary and your class to me @ dustinw AT interworx DOT com, I might have a chance to take a look at it briefly, as I’m about to start re-testing/polishing scriptworx for the release.