Crontab, doesn't work.


I want that the crontab loads “/root/mail” + send me an email.

The mail file:

MAILTO: my-address
./r http
./r mail
./r interworx
./r mysql
./r dns

Its a script what restarts services

The cmail file (crontab):

0 6 * * * /root/mail

Whats wrong with this, it doesn’t load and doesn’t mail me? When i run manually “/root/mail” it will load + mail me

Thank you

You didn’t define a user — or did you do that with crontab -e? Regardless — the safest way to do cron is to ignore all that crap, drop a file in /etc/cron.d/ and put the user in … eg

0 6 * * * root /root/mail

When i type “crontab cmail” and then i type “crontab -u root -l” then i see the crontab cmail. But he doesn’t load it.