CURL error: Could not resolve host:

Hi all,

we have two test installations of Interworx servers running on our local network. But one or the other keep failing doing the licensing check.

Naturally I have check all things listed here : The time is correct (via NTP), port 2443 is open, IP has not changed, licenses are ok and resolves just fine. But still it keeps failing every now and then.

There’s one thing I am not 100% sure about: Does port 2443 have to be mapped to the internal IP in our local firewall? It wouldn’t make much sense to me, but I still like to check all possible reasons for this problem. More of a nuisance really, ~iworx/cron/license.pex --sync usually fixes this issue.

But this time it fails with the following error on one machine:
root@tarkin ~]# ~iworx/cron/license.pex --sync
XMLRPC error encountered
Code: 8
Error: CURL error: Could not resolve host:; Unknown error

I can ping or and they both resolve fine to So what could be the issue here? The other machine with exactly the same codebase wors fine…


P.S. John, I edited the title, can you make that reflect in the thread title? Cheers, Mate

Hi Michael

I hope your well

Sorry, I do not believe it needs mapping to an IP address

I think your issue maybe curl

What version are you using Curl -v I think it Curl -V

If not latest, I would think about updating it

Prior to upgrade though, next time it happens, what do you get if you run Curl

Aha, your error shows dns error sorry

I might be tempted to add into host file, then see how it goes

I hope that helps a little

Many thanks


Hi Michael

Many thanks, and sorry, just read your ps sorry

Title looks ok from here so hope I have not missed anything sorry

Many thanks


Curl version is 7.28.0 on both machines. Both fail at
[root@thrawn ~]# curl licence.interworx.inf
curl: (6) Could not resolve host: licence.interworx.inf; Name or service not known
But one fails at ~iworx/cron/license.pex --sync, the other doesn’t :confused:


Regarding title, I meant the thread title “Must port 2443 be mapped in local Firewall?”, it shoud be “CURL error: Could not resolve host:”, as this thread is about that more than the port mapping (where i share your thoughts).



Hi Michael

Many thanks, will do

Just one point sorry, you have .inf and it should be .info unless your changing it

I’ll have to check on one of our servers

Many thanks


Hi John,

ha ha, you’re right about .inf
And there’s even one more typpo in there: “licenCe” :wink:

But my whole issue was a wild mix of typos, DNS loops and stupidity. I recently changed our whole network topology and made one tiny mistake on the DNS server, so it would resolve but take some time for that. So I guess nslookup worked but Curl ran into a timeout.
So you helped with a keen eye and Nathan indirectly pointed me to DNS by adding the Gooogle DNS to resolv.conf on another server, which made me think… :smiley:

Thanks and have a great weekend.