Custom Maildrop

I guess this is kind of a feature request, but its not really NodeWorx or SiteWorx related so Im just posting it here.

I understand this is not going to be a priority (especially if I’m the only one that would have a use for it :rolleyes: ), but is there anyway to have a custom maildrop that is not overwritten every time there is an Iworx update?

I use a custom one b/c I do none SMTP level mail drop’n and also do not scan mail unless it is for a vaild mailbox (for alias or actual mailbox).

I know I could create my own maildrop file with a different name than the Iworx default, but then I would have to edit all my siteworx .qmail-defaults to point to that file.

Right now I just have to SSH in every time there is an update and then copy my custom one over the Iworx one.

Thanks for your input