custom php.ini for few sites ? possible?

disable_functions = mail,exec,system,passthru

I want disable mail fucntion globally , for that i add that line in php.ini

Its possible enable mail function only for sites i decide and have dsiable for the rest?

How can configure php.ini per site,and make that php.ini configuration, override gloabl php.ini copnfiguration?

Some idea?

I apreciate help, please.

Hi Dj-Grobe,

If you are using PHP as an Apache module (which is the default configuration), you will not be able to set per-site ini files. And, according to the PHP manual, disable_functions can only be placed in the php.ini file.


help !

I need some way to disable mail fucntion global server, but need some way to enable mail fucntion to few sites.

No way to make that?

Based on what Socheat and the PHP docs say, no.


Anyone knwo what is the best way for stop mail inyection to bad formmails?

I already have mod_security but no stop all issues…for now the oly way its disable mail() fucntion, and that is a nightmare!!

Some ideA?

The best method to allow users to have independant php.ini files for their sites is to run PHP using FastCGI.