Custom plugin?


I would like a page for users which has support information etc, basically a custom menu link with custom page content.

The hello world plugin does this but i cant seem to figure out an easy way to set this up or to change hte text ‘Hello World!’.

Any ideas?

We haven’t used the Hello World plugin, as we’ve done our a custom skin, however for simplicity, if you’re wanting it for support, could you not use the built in Support Link and link that (by changing the url in NodeWiorx > Server > Settings) to point to a single support resource, this way if you want to update the content on it, you’ll only need to update once and not individually on all servers? Just a thought…

Thanks for the reply, I am also using a custom skin and have removed the top options for support and logout.

The first thing you are going to want to do is copy the contents of the “Hello World” plugin into it’s own directory. To change the “Hello World” text that appears on the page you’ll want to edit the “/hello/templates/default.tpl” file. Standard HTML will work fine here, but you should also be able to use any of the functionality from Smarty.

We will have documentation available in the near-future for how to write a custom plugin.