daily backup emails

When you schedule a daily backup for a siteworx account, you have to add an email address for backup notifications.
is there a way to stop the email being sent ? some people have multiple siteworx backups and dont want to receive emails from each account when the backup is completed.

i looked in nodeworx & siteworx subscriptions but theres not a backup notification to disable, can one be easly added ?

Thank you

Hi bear

I will have to check as I thought email field could be left blank. Sorry if I?m wrong as doing from memory

You could always use a null email address and it will time out as a quick workaround if not

Many thanks


yes i tried leaving the email field blank but it would not except that.
thanks for your reply

Any update ?
Email field can’t be left blank.

Hi Interira

I believe this is on the road map, but for the moment, is easily overcome by using a null email address. eg none@none.url

Many thanks