daily scheduled backups failing when mail box use 100% disc space

not sure if its a bug or not. i will try and explain.

I have scheduled daily backups that backup each siteworx account.
In nodeworx server/settings i have disabled in the backup settings section. (Enable backup storage to apply against SiteWorx storage quota). When a siteworx account uses up all its disc space quota, the daily backups still continue as they are not counted towards the total disc space of the account.

I have recently found that if a users mail boxes uses all the disc space allocated to that account then i get a Scheduled backup for ‘####.com’ fail: Backup Failure. The backups will keep failing until the mail box size is reduced and space is freed up.

If a siteworx account uses all its disc space in their web space (public_html) backups will NOT fail and will continue to be created daily.

Is this operating correctly or is it a bug ?

Thank you


Hi Bear

That seems strange and I have been thinking about this all day

If you set quota overage (nodeworx, server, settings, quota - allow over quota by %) and make this % big enough to cover the mailbox sizes, does it still fail

It is just a thoought thinking that the overall siteworx accoutn space maybe been exceeded

If not, I would open a support ticket and let IW have a look

Many thanks



It sound like that might be a bug, but please submit a ticket to support.interworx.com and we can take a look for you. I’ll try to reproduce on a test server, as well. Is it only for scheduled backups, or manually created one, as well?


scheduled backups and manual backups are both failing

After further testing scheduled backups fail when siteworx accounts exceed there allocated set disk space. it fails now on both mail and public_html space.
i tested on another siteworx account by reducing the allocated disk space to make the account go over quota.

setting quota overage to 50% to see if the backups still fail and i can confirm the scheduled backups still failed even when set at 50%

I have only noticed this issue recently but accounts don’t go over there quota very often so not sure when it started.

Hi Bear

Many thanks

Please can you open a support ticket as IW-Jenna posted and let IW have a look

We use R1soft for our backups, so this is not an issue to us but it will be to many who use IW backup routine

If you could update post when resolved, it would be very helpful to others

Many thanks


Yes i will open a support ticket, thank you

Received an answer

This behavior is expected. This is because, even though the backups don’t count against quota, it is considered to not be a great thing to allow a user that is already over their quota to continue to fill up their disk space with backups.
Regarding the quota overage allowance, that is also expected because the backup tests against the ‘hard’ quota, which is what is set for the account, vs the ‘soft’ quota, which is the overage allowance.

i can see why it is set that way but feel it should be a personal choice if backups are allowed to continue even when over quota.
Would be good to have a setting so backups can continue even when the account is over quota