The new version of SiteWorx has the link to Databases missing from the left column. I can still create databases from the link under features on the main screen, but can’t edit them or create users for them.

You might want to fixt this :wink:


We’re already on it Tim,


That was fast!

I no sooner posted this here and I saw your update in the Anouncment’s page. :slight_smile:

I manually upgraded (didn’t want to wait for automatic later tonight) and things are working peachy!

Thanks a bunch!

Love this upgrade, expecially the pointer domain. I’m using it on three sites (or will be in a few minutes).

Question: I know it doesn’t do this now, but would it be possible to set this up to point to a directory on the domain in question rather than just the root? Since you appear to just be editing Apache settings, not DNS, I’d think so. Let me know.


Actually, three things are happening when you add a pointer domain.

First, the domain is added to the first ServerAlias line for that domain.
Second, a DNS Zone is added for the pointing domain, and you can see this in NodeWorx under DNS Management.
Finally, e-mail is “aliased” for the domain, so that e-mail accounts created on the main domain, work with the pointer domains as well.

To answer your question, there’s no reason you couldn’t add some mod_rewrite trickery to point one of the pointer domains to one of the subdirectories of the main account.


I’m afraid that’s a little over my head at the moment, but it’s nice to know it’s probably possible. If I get to the point when I need this I will look into it further.

Right now it’s enough to be able to point multiple domains to a single directory root.

Question: will this also foreward email and other services or just HTTP?

Thanks agiin.


Yes, it will “point” e-mail services as well. For example, if the main domain is, and set up as a domain pointer to, e-mail that is sent to addresses will be treated as if it was being sent to

Hope that makes sense.


Makes perfect sense and is exactly what I was hoping.

What I am doing on all but one of the sites I’m using this on is using the .com .net. and .org extentions for a single domain.

It’s set up and works great. Thanks.