Debian support!

Socheat would agree with you :), he’s our resident Debian user. Debian and FreeBSD are planned, but we have other features we’d like to get in first PenguinHosting. Stay tuned.


I’m waiting with bated breath. :slight_smile: I’m very anxious to find a control panel that uses sensible packages (NO BIND!) and works on debian. I think that if you got it out the door fast enough you could corner the market, and it’s a market that is steadily expanding into Fedora and Redhat’s arena.

Everything I see about Interworx makes it look truly impressive, and I’m chomping at the bit to get my chance to use it :slight_smile:

Congratulations on getting it right, guys!




Some advance in debian support?
We’re looking at host panels to change from plesk. This one meets all our needs, but we only have Debian machines.


From Avalua’s other thread:

Avalua / all,

Debian is still on our ‘todo’ list but as with all things it’s got a given priority. Unfortunately it’s not as high as other key features to get IWorx-CP where we want it to be feature-wise. As I said in the last post it’s on our list but I have no timelines on when.



Where does FreeBSD support sit on the list?

If there is anything I can do to help with it, please let me know.


Right now its behind Debian (which we’re working on currently). It will still be a while for any non-RPM-based distro but we are branching out folks so don’t despair.


I like to see InterWorx on Debian also :wink:
When it’s available, I will buy license :smiley:


We curently have al our servers with Plesk, but we could be consider moving if the Debian suported version comes out.

We hear you all!!! :slight_smile: We’ve hired someone to make it so but it’ll be a while until we’re happy with stability, update infrastructure etc etc. There’s more to just making it work on Debian than slapping it on there and we’re going to take the time needed to do it right.


Since this thread about a year old, I hope InterWorx can give ETA to release Debian version :slight_smile:

alex2k, you’ll learn that we’re not big on ETAs and this issue is no different. Debian will be out when it’s ready and it won’t be next week :). That said it WILL happen and WILL be ready at some point, we’re commited to it.


Hi Chris,

Thank’s for your quick answer, although I’m not InterWorx user yet but I will be (when Debian version released :))
I hope InterWorx developer will be like this all the times (so active answer and release new patches/features) :smiley:

Keep checking back for Debian updates Alex. Like I said, it won’t be next week or maybe next month but it’ll be here.


ping: debian support? if you need help/beta testing, i have a vps environment (linux-vserver) that i’d gladly donate to your developer (easy as pie to start from scratch over and over and over again.)


Thanks for the offer, we’ll keep you in mind. :slight_smile: It’s high on our list of priorities, but still no ETA. Personally all I use is Debian on all my own boxes, so you have someone on the inside “fighting” for the cause. :wink:


would it help if i perhaps sponsored development specifically for gentoo and debian? i might be able to talk my boss into it if it allowed me to do my job more efficiently, NDA’s wouldn’t be an issue and we’ve got 2 very talented php coders on-staff, if you send me a pm, i’ll be happy to identify myself and what I could possibly bring to the table.

any status report, how far & where the debian work is at yet? I’m not using interworx yet either, but am really look forward to it when the debian release is made. As thats all I use, I personally believe debian to be the best remote server to use. (Got tired of RH & RPMs years ago… terrible dependancy problems all the time)

Nothing’s changed – the developers are working on the 2.2 release as well as support tickets these days. Those are higher on the priority list right now, for obvious reasons.

Any updates on the debain support? :slight_smile: