Dedicated Hosting Providers

Im pretty sure there was another thread with this but after searching the forums for 15 mins I can’t seem to find the post.

I was looking at the resale partners on the Iworx website and was wondering which ones people have used and their experiences with them. I was looking at Steadfast and they have some servers (available in February) that are reasonable price and was thinking about moving to them?

Thanks for the help!

A tip: The best way to find out what customers think of a particular DC is to talk to their customers and read their forums. This is one such place to do that but you will get a lot more balanced view if you also check out their sites and other places such as

There are a lot of us :wink:


I found a few reviews at the website Tim suggested and it looks pretty good.
SteadFast Forums:

I am not 100% but I am seriously considering switching over to them… 64bit Iworx here I come!