Dedicated IP not work on all sites

Hi all,
I have 14 dedicated IPs on my server. 9 IP works perfect.
4 websites not whork with dedicated IP ( only work with shared IP ) if i use dedicated IP i see interworx panel welcome page.

Any solution ?

Hi rjt20

There’s a few things to check as follows

Are the remaining 5 ip setup correctly and assigned as either dedicated or shared, are they set so resellers can use and are they locked or not

If above is all set correctly, what is shown for the domain ip in namevirtualhost file /etc/httpd/conf.d from memory

Are they shown as set correctly

Have the correct ip been allocated to the siteworx account - edit siteworx account to check

Did you add the IP address and assign it to the siteworx account - this I’m doing from memory, but there’s a section where you add and assign, but I’d need to check where this is when I’m back at office

Are there any secondary, sub or pointer domains in use

Are there any SSL in use

If so, you will need to delete these first I think from memory, but could be wrong so I apologise in advance

What do you have set for display when referencing the ip, default page or a certain website - again I’m doing this from memory but there’s a section to set this type of behaviour

I hope that helps

Many thanks