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qmail and vpopmail support a feature called qmail extension addresses that allows to create a wildcard aliases (e.g. can be forwared to I’ve been using this feature a lot on servers where I manage qmail myself but so far I don’t seem to be able to set it up on Interworx-managed machine.

I have verified in SRPM in Interworx repo that vpopmail should be configured with --enable-qmail-ext switch so it should work.

First I tried to add the default alias to Email aliases in Siteworx in the form but that does not work - emails to addresses like bounce and only emails to address gets delivered indicating that the “default” part is taken literally.

I also tried to the default alias by creating file .qmail-user-default rule in the vpopmail domain directory and import this rule using /home/vpopmail/bin/dotqmails2valias tool. Everything went smoothly, rule was found, imported, rule file got automatically deleted, and the alias even showed up in Siteworx web UI but the emails that should get delivered bounce as well.

Is there something specific about how Interworx uses qmail and vpopmail that prevents extension addresses from working properly or are there some additional steps that need to be carried out to make it work?

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Hi maud

I’ll test this very soon but it should work lovely

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Hi Maud
I amy pick this up tommorow now, as initial results of my testing shows qmail-remote failure, but I need to be sure I have completed my tests correctly if alright.
My test results show forwards to OK forwards to - qmail remote fail to start
as I said though, I need to double check my testing/logs
Many thanks

Hi John,

thanks for taking up on this issue. Just to clarify a bit because as I am not sure I have been clear enough in my first message. I have no problem setting up aliases that forward to an email address at different domain. That had always worked well for me. What I am looking for is an explanation/solution to why qmail extension addresses feature does not work (see here, chapter EXTENSION ADDRESSES and here for vpopmail).

I use qmail/vpopmail extension addresses feature in various use cases but the most important one is the possibility of specifying a kind of wildcard rule, i.e. to be able to define what to do with messages delivered to addresses that match a pattern like user-* Usually it’s done the way I described in my first message but for some reason that does not seem to work on an Interworx-managed machine.

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Hi Muad
Many thanks, and sorry, I can be slow sometimes
I am more confused now though, but will take time to think through, but have you seen this thread over qmail alises
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